125 Mcleod – Screening – RECAP

Ottawa, On – Saturday October 6, 2018

A group of diverse community members joined artist, author, film maker and activist Jeannette Tossounian who was debuting her exposé on life in one of Ottawa Community Housings’ more notorious projects located in the Golden Triangle. “125 Mcleod – a documentary” walks the audience through the challenges of residents living in a property with many pest issues, social issues; a community within a community struggling to have it’s collective voice heard. Jeannette Tossounian through her lens, creative interpretation, editorial selection succeeded in turning up the volume on an important subject.

The film ran approximately 40 minutes with a spirited discussion taking place with the film maker and the 80 or so audience members who discussed the politically charged issues of affordable housing. A guest appearance was mayoral hopeful Clive Doucet, who spoke very candidly about some of the challenges facing politicians and potential solutions that he felt he could implement. Mr. Doucet was very thankful to Ms. Tossounian for the creation of the documentary as he commented on the truth and reality in the way the content was presented.

Additional screenings are in the works for the talented Tossounian who has definitely delivered on her historical reputation for creating inspired and important works of art. The documentary project was entirely funded by donations made to the film maker by members of the local community. Jeannette Tossounian was essentially hired as a trusted journalistic source to uncover truth about life of people who are important members of our community; the residents of 125 Mcleod.

For more information on upcoming projects, screenings and ways to contribute contact Jeannette Tossounian.

Trailer of 125 Mcleod:

Highlights of the Screening

There will be another screening.

To Encourage future projects and the show your appreciation for this most recent film please visit the Go Fund me Page (link below)



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