Whether part of a panel or as a keynote speaker, Jeannette Tossounian is dynamite.  Engaging each diverse audience by sharing her experience and knowledge about different topics within the criminal justice system including; activism, prisoners rights, incarcerated women, womens’ rights, sexual assault, society issues, police violence, state corruption, courts, lawyers, art and poetry.

Audience participation is encouraged through active discussion and question/answer periods.

Speeches may include an art exhibition, book sale or poetry/journal reading.


In June 2016 Jeannette Tossounian tells the Senate of Canada not to write off all incarcerated people as mental health problems but treat them as people who could be living better lives in better circumstances.

In May of 2016, Jeannette Tossounian spoke in front of a packed Ottawa City Hall at a prestigious forum on the current jail conditions. As you watch the video it is apparent that the audience is truly engaged and connect to Tossounian and her message.

In the same week, Jeannette Tossounian talked to the Ottawa Citizen about jail conditions and other issues at the Ottawa Jail (OCDC).

In October of 2017 Jeannette Tossounian was awarded the Ontario Civil Liberty Associations Annual award and gave a tremendous acceptance speech outlining her interesting life as a successful activist.

Not long after Jeannette was released from jail, she spoke about the intense gender issues she faced as a female inmate and her plight to challenge and change degrading unconstitutional  policies. Here she speaks at the International Conference on Penal Abolition taking place at the University of Ottawa.

Artist | Author | Activist

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